About Us


We are conditioned to believe authorities have our best interest; but, are we truly happy with the results we see in our health, our surroundings like the homes we live in, the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe? Every aspect of our lives has been compromised.

The chemicals we are exposed to everyday, including the toxins in our food, our homes and air, are certainly not a reflection of a well-meaning, organized system that is looking out for us.

ActiveKos gives you insight to alternative ways to ease the corrupted existence we have been coerced to live and help us become more self-reliant in every aspect of life. It is important to raise global awareness of common-sense solutions to reclaim your health, your independence and your positive outlook on things to come.

  • Starting with your health, to detox from the daily toxins and reclaim your body’s ability to recuperate.
  • Looking at toxins in our homes, from apartments to mansions. The non-toxic building materials and alternate home construction available.
  • Our resources, to supply our homes with power, water and food.


Once we have the solid foundation of overall contentment in regard to health and your environment, we can help find ways to supply our own resources. So, no matter what is headed our way, from natural disasters to being restricted due to any misinformation, we find ways to live independently.